The Story

The late 70’s and early 80’s were somewhat turbulent times in our nation’s history. We witnessed Americans held hostage in Iran, and our government’s attempts to extricate them. Confidence in our elected officials was weak and America was scoffed at internationally as we juggled with new issues in foreign policy.

I was fresh out of college and in Europe in the summer of 1979. I euro-railed my way across England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Yugoslavia (remember them?). I studied art and history, ate and lived in private homes, experienced socialized medicine firsthand and witnessed martial law as I walked the streets of a heavily-militaed Yugoslavia. I immersed myself in the tastes, romance, beauty, and cadence of daily life in foreign lands.

And I returned home with one impassioned conviction: that America not become like them.

Newly in my 20’s, I could see that the cultures and economies of other countries, even some of our closest allies, carried with them a burden in daily living that was almost oppressive. It was hard to quantify, but I saw a link between the spiritual and economic life of nations, and concluded that much of the pleasures of the American lifestyle are born directly out of our national freedoms and the individual responsibilities those freedoms demand. I came home with a burning desire to do what I could to strengthen and preserve the foundation of the United States I knew and loved.

As a result, my first job out of college was for a political consulting firm. I raised funds for the National Tax Limitation Committee. I wrote presentations for educational seminars, teaching PAC members about the workings of our government. (Frankly, I was shocked that companies felt the need for this…didn’t we all learn this in high school civics class?). I wrote newsletters to corporate executives on current developments in the legislature. I did what I could do save the world. Or at least, to save my country. And an amazing thing happened…

…I saw my country change.

My country elected a new president, a new Senate and a new Congress, that ushered in new economic and foreign policies – new policies based on old principles: principles upon which the country was founded. New ideas that embraced traditional values and brought growth and prosperity and individual empowerment.

This did not happen by accident. There was a definitive cause and effect at work. This change was brought about by one primary factor: Prayer.

The Christians of this country united in a grassroots effort to be heard – and they were heard! This groundswell of Christian activism was birthed through prayer, by individual hearts and voices that came together as one. And this can happen again.

The United States teeters on the precipice of throwing away the freedoms that make it strong, powerful, prosperous, and the best place in the world to live. Religious liberties are challenged in courtrooms across the nation everyday. Traditional values are more often considered a danger and a threat to liberty than the bedrock of freedom that they are.

I am absolutely convinced that this country can be saved by prayer. My conviction is echoed by calls to national prayer in churches and ministries spanning shore to shore. Calls to prayer for a week – a national day of prayer – calls to 40 Days of Prayer. But short term prayer often gives short term benefits. And this is where modern day America begins to mirror Israel during the period of the Judges and the Kings.

Judges 2:18-19

When the Lord raised up judges for them, the Lord was with the judge and delivered them from the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge; for the Lord was moved to pity by their groaning because of those who oppressed and afflicted them. But it came about when the judge died, that they would turn back and act more corruptly than their fathers, in following other gods to serve them and bow down to them; they did not abandon their practices or their stubborn ways.

America needs a strong, consistent, ongoing undergirding of corporate prayer, rising “like incense” before our Heavenly Father continually.  If we seek Him thus, He will let us find Him, if we search for Him with all our hearts. We can do this, linked together like a chain of prayer warriors, two by two.

I have a prayer partner solely for the purpose of praying for America. Find one. Join us. We can change the nation. We can truly be one nation under God. But for this to happen, we need you. And one more person.

Start praying…two by two.

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